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Soleco open source ground source heat pumps can appeal to homeowners wishing to access ground water directly for their water supply opposed to having a mains supply to their property.

An open source ground source heat pump system involves a single borehole drilled to a specific depth to ensure sufficient flow rates of ground water. This ground water passes through the heat exchanger of the heat pump where ambient heat is extracted from the water and compressed in a refrigerant cycle to raise the temperature and generate hot water and heating. The original ground water, now cooled by around 5°C, is simply returned to the underground water table via a soak away.

The borehole water can also be filtered to provide drinking water and used water can be re-cycled, to minimise water consumption and avoid water bills. Learn about the benefits of a Soleco solution here»

This solution is only available in areas that can ensure a continuous high flow rate of water. The operating performance of an open source heat pump is dependant on a clean and consistent supply of water from the borehole. Source Energy will work with borehole specialists to provide a solution only when they can provide an independent warranty as to the performance of the borehole.

Diagram of soleco